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Motor City Mapping

MCM is a comprehensive effort to digitize Detroit's property information and create clear communication channels back and forth between the public, the government, and city service providers.

In Phase 1 of the project, 150 Detroiters surveyed the entire city, capturing photography and condition information for every property. That information was used in the Detroit Blight Elimination Task Force's report at timetoendblight.com.

The Data Explorer is now live!

LOVELAND's Core Services

Our products work together to present property information, help you collaborate around data with a team, and survey properties from the field. Take a look at what we've built and let us know if we can help you in your city, town, or region.


We make public information about property freely accessible to the public through an online platform called Why Don't We Own This? Ownership information, zoning, tax assessments, and more are presented alongside tools to communicate with neighbors, and understand your city more deeply. Want to see your city on the map? Drop a line!

See properties and statistics by owner, tax status, zoning, and more.

Drill down to neighborhoods, zip codes, or any area you want to pull stats for.

Gain a detailed understanding of what's going on in a neighborhood.

Click properties to see photography and property-specific information.

Connect through conversation channels, and get resources like tax payment information, and homeowner assistance programs.


Built on top of WDWOT, Site Control is a private workspace for collaborators to view and contribute data, and create and selectively share maps. Site Control is designed with neighborhood organizations, government departments, research, surveying, and development projects in mind.

Assign parcels tags and colors, and upload photos, to build custom maps.

Customized interfaces are available to meet specific project needs.

Use the Property Computer to add data to properties, import and export datasets, and manipulate your map via spreadsheet.

See group activity through Site Control's dashboard.


Blexting is a mobile application that allows people to photographically survey properties and update condition information for public posting to WDWOT or selective sharing through Site Control.

Android app on Google Play

Sign in with your LOVELAND account and pick which WDWOT or Site Control group you want to Blext to.

Create your own multiple-choice survey questions or pick from existing surveys.

Blexting will locate you and show you all surrounding parcels. Tap a parcel then tap "Blext this property" to take a picture and begin the survey.

Tap through questions to quickly describe property conditions then move on to the next property.

Your Blexted properties and photos will show up on WDWOT or your Site Control map.

About LOVELAND Technologies

LOVELAND is based in Detroit, Michigan and the San Francisco Bay Area with a growing team dedicated to putting America online parcel by parcel. We work with governments, neighborhood groups, development, and conservation projects to gather and present public information about properties (the physical space and legal subdivisions that define the world) in clearer, more actionable ways.

We love helping people get on top of big problems like foreclosure prevention, blight identification and reduction, the reuse of vacant space, and the preservation of community assets.


Jerry Paffendorf,

Jerry loves developing new ways for the super powers of the web to impact the realities of the world. The challenges of Detroit have become an endless inspiration. He has deep experience in the world of social technology startups, art and media, and a Masters of Science in Studies of the Future from the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

Mary Carter,

Mary studied at The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago, Wayne State University, and The University Of Michigan. She is a board member of the Corktown Business Association, The Imagination Station Of Roosevelt Park, and The Detroit Dog Park. She advocates for public data transparency, animal welfare, and local business.

Larry Sheradon,

Web craftsperson behind LOVELAND's online presences. Before embarking on the LOVELAND micro-real-estate adventure and beyond, he worked with data visualization, 3D game engines, GIS & urban data, virtual worlds, smartphone apps, and in the social/casual game world.

Alex Alsup,

Alex spent time developing iPhone games in Philadelphia and Vietnam, where he set his sights on Detroit. He moved to the city to take a job as a project manager with the design firm o2 creative solutions. Alex joined LOVELAND to develop business for LOVELAND's suite of tools. Alex holds a BFA in English from Skidmore College.

Michael Evans,
Senior Developer

Mike is a seasoned web developer and Code for America captain with development interests firmly in the civic sphere. Founder of PishPosh.tv Mike has worked with several startups in the media world and keeps a solid grounding in both web development and film.

Dexter Slusarski,
Senior Data Manager

Dexter captures data for LOVELAND, before joining LOVELAND he worked as a Planner for the City of Lansing’s Planning & Neighborhood Development Department where he developed a deep love for spatial analysis and data visualization. He is currently pursuing his Master of Urban Planning at Wayne State University and holds a BA in Political Science from Michigan State University.

Lauren Hood,
Community Engagement Manager

After many moons in the business realm, Lauren sought out to find work that had more meaning. While studying for her Masters in Community Development at the University of Detroit Mercy, she developed a passion for creating engagement strategies, recognizing that long time city residents, like herself, are often left out of the planning process. She advocates for inclusion in planning and development and equity in all aspects of life. She conducts immersion experiences around equity issues for her LLC, Deep Dive Detroit and is on the board of directors for Preservation Detroit.

Sandra Yu,
Community Consultant

Sandra Yu is on loan to Loveland from Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice, where she has spent the last six years building relationships with great people and organizations to work on policy and education initiatives that support a clean, vibrant, and equitable city. She admired Loveland for years, and is excited to be part of the team for the Motor City Mapping project.

Jinny Khanduja,
New York Strategist

Jinny is a New York-based urban planner who is excited about the potential for cities, community groups, businesses, and residents to use data and technology in innovative and thoughtful ways. She is a map enthusiast and is interested in a variety of urban issues, from local economic development to housing to food systems policy.

Nigel Griswold,
Spatial Econometrician

Nigel's role at LOVELAND is focused on creating predictive models and policy decision support tools that are produced by putting spatial data to work. He holds over a decade of experience as a regional economist and planner with focused expertise in housing, land use, urban revitalization and place-based policy application. As co-founder of Dynamo Metrics, his background working with the public, private, philanthropic and advocacy sectors is being merged with formal academic training to produce actionable social, economic and financial information aimed at benefiting the public.

Benjamin Calnin,
Spatial Data Analyst

Ben's role at LOVELAND is focused on creating spatial models and policy decision support tools that put parcel-level and other spatial data to work. He holds over eight years of experience as a spatial and data analyst with expertise in the creation of decision support tools and data systems for research applications in the policy arena. His areas of expertise include urban revitalization, asset-based economic development, population and business dynamics, and econometric modeling. As co-founder of Dynamo Metrics, he is leveraging his background in policy relevant research to create systems that weigh policy options and anticipated outcomes to help public, private and community groups find actions that maximize positive impact.


LOVELAND is growing and looking for people who are motivated by the biggest challenges and possibilities that cities have to offer. We're looking for web developers, designers, and people with deep local knowledge of cities where our tools can be applied. Interested?

Tell us why at team@makeloveland.com.


LOVELAND Technologies is looking for a Ruby on Rails developer to help create our suite of community mapping web apps. We're growing and need more brainpower and talent to realize our visions! You will be responsible for building out features in Why Don't We Own This?, our other ongoing projects, and/or prototyping new experiments. We're looking for people in either Detroit or the San Francisco Bay Area.

We need you to at least have these skills:

  • Big Ruby on Rails 3+ experience (at least a few years, with work to show for it)
  • Solid Javascript fundamentals!
  • Frontend tools like HAML, Less/SASS, CSS3 & jQuery
  • Responsive design using CSS media queries
  • SQL and database expertise, including smart design & optimization practices -- we work with big data

Bonus points for:

  • Experience in GIS, geospatial databases, Leaflet, GeoJSON, or TileMill
  • A flair for writing unit & functional tests
  • Experience scaling high-traffic and computationally intensive sites
  • Data visualization chops

User Experience Designer

  • Excellent UI & UX design skills
  • Experience creating deliverables for complex interfaces: personas, use cases, user flows, site architecture, wireframes, style guides
  • Fluency in Adobe tools for producing site designs and working with graphics and illustrations
  • Familiarity with mobile-first approaches and responsive web design (and a portfolio to show for it)
  • Comfort with and experience conducting usability testing
  • Front-end development skills: HTML5, HAML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and SASS
  • Speaks the language of Ruby on Rails (e.g. views, controllers, templates, partials)
  • Experience with iOS design patterns and conventions
  • Advanced visual & graphic design skills

In New York City or New Orleans?

We're looking for a dash of designer, a pinch of developer, a spoonful of community manager in each.

New York City
Are you a New Yorker tuned in to the world of the city's property and possibility? Are you turned on by words like tax assessment, parcel shapefile, and reengineered ergonomic landification (ok, we made that one up). If so, let us know. We're expanding to New York and need a captain to steer the ship.
New Orleans
Do you work hard in the big easy? Do you know your way around Blight & Lien Foreclosures, nola.data.gov, flood plains and property data? Drop us a line if you want to lead our pixel-based Mardi Gras float down Decatur!